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After Purchase options:

Once you have purchased your hull and deck from Grand Slam Marine, you can either finish it yourself, or chose to contact one of the companies below for help:

Chesapeake Boats
David Mason
P.O. Box 574
Crisfield, MD 21817
Phone: 410-623-2293

Composite Yacht
Martin Hardy
1650 Marina Dr.,Unit A
Trappe, MD 21673
Phone: 410-476-4414

Holtz Boat Works
Tom Oaks
New Jersey
Phone: 609-390-3052

Judge Yachts, Inc.
Bill Judge
9531 Legion Rd.
Denton, MD 21629
Phone: 410-479-9770

Slane Boat Works
Tom Slane
North Carolina
Phone: 336-861-6100



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